To be Scarr'd or not to be scarred?

A rape recovery story in serial form

by Evelyn Shakespeare

© 2005 Evelyn Shakespeare

An Outline of Evelyn's Healing Journey

by Mary

Here is a brief outline of the stages of Evelyn's journey, the big issues of each stage, plus what she was working on as she followed her healing journey. In the chapters she has written Evelyn explores these and other stages of her healing journey as she shares her experiences on this web page.

1. Rape:


2. Disbelief:


3. How did this happen to me? The search to understand. The search for reasons.


4. I am determined to heal!


5. Re-traumatization triggers:


6. The on-going journey ­ what has been helpful:


7. The on-going journey ­ unexpected sources of difficulty ­ the "aftershocks" of the "earthquake":

8. Therapies - the assistance available for healing


© 2005 Evelyn Shakespeare