To be Scarr'd or not to be scarred?

A rape recovery story in serial form

by Evelyn Shakespeare

© 2005 Evelyn Shakespeare.


A list of helpful books

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Easteal, Patricia & McOrmond-Plummer, Louise. (2006). Real rape, real pain. Hybrid Publishers. Victoria.



What if (Song by Reba McEntire, Moments and Memories, The very best of Reba, 1998).

I believe (Song by Fantasia)

You're the voice (Song by John Farnham)

You Believed (Song by Casey Donavon)



The Secret


WEB SITES - is a good source for finding books that may not be in your local bookshop. Plus you may prefer to be anonymous by not purchasing such titles locally.

And don't forget to "Google Search" on words such as 'rape', 'sexual assault', 'sexual violence', 'art for survivors' - the web can help a lot in your own search for meaning and healing.



DNA Theta healing workshops

The Australasian Institute of Body-Mind Analysis and Psychosomatic Therapy. Teaching Course folder from "Psycho 1 An introduction to The Magic of Body Mind Communication with Hermann Muller"

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


© 2005 Evelyn Shakespeare